This is the website of designer, artist and all round creative imposter Mark Alexander Sneddon.

I’m a graphic designer who was frustrated by many aspects of the industry and needed to find another way to express myself creatively and unconditionally, free from overthink and design baggage.

Upon a change, I worked at the Tate Modern in 2003 for two and a half years, and learned to love and do art again. I also met someone and moved to Australia in 2005 for eight years which had a huge influence.

In a way it’s almost a rejection of the pixel, a back to basics foray into pencil, ink, ideas and techniques that got me going artistically in the first place. 

I’m fascinated by draughtmanship, architecture, sculpture, the past, the future, numerology, stellar mechanics, geomancy, ancient symbolism, the cosmic, the esoteric, the megalithic and the absurd. 

The result is this website; a myriad of doodles, sketches, visual rants and meditations.

If you have any questions by all means get in touch.
BA Graphics
Central St Martins

HND Graphics
Newham College

All work is copyright of Mark Alexander Sneddon.